Psychology Registrar Training has Changed!

The Psychology Registrar Endorsement Program (PREP) has been developed to provide a complete, engaging and results-focused preparation for clinical psychology.

It has been designed by senior clinical psychologists to directly address the Psychology Board of Australia's requirements for endorsement.
Meanwhile, our experienced training team systematically builds relevant registrar skills with a unique, integrated program of workshops, feedback and support.
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Choose your own Path to Endorsement

PREP:  Fully Guided

A complete package that covers all clinical registrar training requirements for the Psychology Board of Australia’s endorsement.  Committing to a complete program of CPD, group and individual supervision gives peace of mind for a smooth registrar program.

The most cost effective option to complete your registrar program for as little as $100 an hour.

PREP:  Your Way

The most flexible PREP option that lets you choose your own path.  With over 40 self-guided and live CPD topics to choose from you can choose what suits your own program and pay as you go for your areas of interest or subscribe and get access to everything.

Add group or individual supervision without the commitment of the fully guided package when it suits you.
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Benefits of our training programs

#1   An experienced team

Our content is designed and delivered by a team of senior psychologists
who have experience in clinical psychology, policy development, research, and training. You are therefore, exposed to well-rounded perspective and content enriched by the experience of the PREP team.

#2   A pragmatic approach

While technique and theory matters, which technique and which theory is less important. 
Hence, PREP training is generally transtheoretical, helping registrars understand where theoretical orientations overlap, where they’re distinctly different, and how they may be applied in practice.

#3 Effective training

We can simplify registrar training and offer peace of mind for those who seek to offer the very best quality care for their clients. The PREP program has graduated highly effective clinicians and this training can give you confidence that you are learning alongside others who strive for excellence.
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For the registrar

Enjoy the confidence that comes with the support of a team that is dedicated to building the skills and techniques that make capable and confident clinical psychologists.
With CPD and supervision by an experienced teaching team, PREP comprehensively covers technique, theory, and practice in a supportive environment where feedback is central to honing skills.
  • Learn with a cohort of peers who can support your professional development and learning
  • Gain clarity and registrar training support end-to-end
  • Conveniently access regular workshops, contemporary research and resources online
  • Feedback and supervision help to quickly build skills, confidence and individual professional identity
  • Build upon knowledge of evidence-based methods of psychology and master the skills required for excellent therapy
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Why sign up with PREP?

For the employer

Designed by the team behind Benchmark Psychology, you can be assured your registrars have the best training and your clients the best-quality care.

PREP provides your clinic a team of experienced psychologists that are dedicated to the development of your clinicians.

We value a workplace partnership model, collaborating with your in-house team to balance requirements to satisfy your organisation.
  • Outsource registrar training to maintain focus on clinical or business matters
  • Win the recruitment and retention race by offering PREP in your Graduate Program
  • Opt-in for individual and group registrar supervision, CPD and training services
  • Align your organisation with industry-leading professional training, therapists & services

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Growth and improvements for therapists comes with preventing automaticity, engaging in ongoing deliberate practice and knowing where to focus that deliberate practice to be constantly working at your growth edge.

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These elements are a core focus of PREP.

     Learn more by listening to Dr Aaron Frost on the Mental Work Podcast.

We're fortunate to have been trusted to provide registrar training to:

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Jannikka Balko (2021 cohort)

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