PREP:  Your Way

This highly flexible option allows you to dip in and out of the elements of registrar training that you want, at a time that suits you.  
Registrars who want to take control of their training, or employers / employees who have some CPD or supervision included within their employment package may be better suited to this version of the program.

PREP:  Your Way is the most comprehensive yet flexible way to complete your endorsement.
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Write your awesome label here.

Map out your own path

Choose how you are going to gain the skills you need to become an effective psychologist and thrive in your career.

  • On-demand CPD
  • Live CPD
  • Individual supervision
  • Group supervision
  • Instant downloads

Meet all your CPD requirement

PREP: Your Way allows you to sign up for individual topics that interest you, while our subscription model gives you access to all of our on-demand and live CPD, as well as new topics as they become available.  Unlike PREP: Fully Guided you are not locked in and can choose the journey to endorsement that best suits your needs.

Meet your supervision requirement

Our training team are a highly skilled and experienced group of board approved supervisors.  With PREP: Your Way you have the option to signup to blocks of individual or group supervision to meet your complete supervision requirements or simply to just top up where you are falling short.

Meet your support requirement

By purchasing even a single course, you will get the opportunity to join our cohort of registrars as you share the journey.  CPD is interactive and experiential, while group supervision allows for deep learning and practice and getting to know your group.  Our learning portal has an active online community where you can make connections.
Don't hesitate

Pay as you go and only sign up to the training you need, or subscribe and receive everything!

CPD with  PREP

Many clinical psychology registrars seek to immerse themselves in a specific model or approach upon graduation. This can be stimulating, exciting and provide the illusion of improved outcomes, competence, and confidence. But we think this is a mistake. The research clearly and consistently tells us that the road to better outcomes for clients is not found in the adoption of a specific model, it is found in the complex and vital dynamics of the therapeutic relationship and therapeutic alliance. It is found in reducing early drop-out, finding a model of therapy that resonates for the client, increasing therapist responsiveness when change is not occurring and in keeping people engaged with the therapeutic process long enough to achieve benefits. 

The PREP program offers a comprehensive range of live and online CPD’s. With over 40 topics and 90+ hours of content, all our topics dig deeper into the advanced fundamentals proven to improve client outcomes including: 
  • First sessions and goal setting
  • Feedback Informed Therapy
  • Ongoing deliberative practice
  • Dropout prevention and management
  • Interventions that harm
  • Ethical practice

We also include a range of topics fundamental and essential to modern psychological practice such as:
  • Working with client motivation
  • Working with LGBTQIA+ clients
  • Recognising and responding to neurodiversity
  • Transdiagnostic affect regulations
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Managing therapeutic ruptures

Available Courses

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