PREP:  Fully Guided

PREP is targeted at psychologists working towards endorsement who want to development habits of excellence in psychological practice and improve outcomes for their clients. It provides a one-stop-shop approach to make your registrar experience as seamless as possible while providing a standard of professional training and supervision designed to work at your growth edge. 

The program covers all clinical registrar training requirements for the Psychology Board of Australia’s endorsement. 
This provides clarity for registrars, consistent high-quality learning opportunities and leaves no gaps or blind spots in preparation for clinical psychology practice.

PREP:  Fully Guided is the most comprehensive yet cost-effective way to complete your endorsement.
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Why sign up with PREP?

For the registrar

Enjoy the confidence that comes with the support of a team that is dedicated to building the skills and techniques that make capable and confident clinical psychologists.
With CPD and supervision by an experienced teaching team, PREP comprehensively covers technique, theory, and practice in a supportive environment where feedback is central to honing skills.
  • Learn with a cohort of peers who can support your professional development and learning
  • Gain clarity and registrar training support end-to-end
  • Conveniently access regular workshops, contemporary research and resources online
  • Feedback and supervision help to quickly build skills, confidence and individual professional identity
  • Build upon knowledge of evidence-based methods of psychology and master the skills required for excellent therapy
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Why sign up with PREP?

For the employer

Designed by the team behind Benchmark Psychology, you can be assured your registrars have the best training and your clients the best-quality care.
PREP provides your clinic a team of experienced psychologists that are dedicated to the development of your clinicians.
We value a workplace partnership model, collaborating with your in-house team to balance requirements to satisfy your organisation.
  • Outsource registrar training to maintain focus on clinical or business matters
  • Win the recruitment and retention race by offering PREP in your Graduate Program
  • Opt-in for individual and group registrar supervision, CPD and training services
  • Align your clinic with industry-leading professional training, therapists & services

Meet all your CPD requirement

PREP: Fully Guided includes access to all of our on-demand and live CPD, as well as new topics as they become available.  Unlike PREP: Your Way we will provide you with a structure for completing your CPD so that you learn what you need, when you need it and keep track of how you are going.

Meet your supervision requirement

When we receive your in-depth application our first step is to match you with the best primary supervisor for you.  You will also have all PREP supervisors signed on as secondary supervisors so you are well supported when you are faced with complex situations or crises.

Meet your support requirement

As well as the entire PREP team, you will get to know other registrars as you share the journey.  CPD is interactive and experiential, while group supervision allows for deep learning and practice while getting to know your group.  We have events throughout the program to allow you to connect socially as well!

40 hour program

$10 000
10 monthly payments of $1000
  • 12 months CPD subscription with access to all on-demand and live CPD
  • 30 hours individual supervision
  • 10 hours group supervision
  • Approx. $125 per hour of learning

60 hour program

$13 500
15 monthly payments of $900
  • 18 months CPD subscription with access to all on-demand and live CPD
  • 45 hours individual supervision
  • 15 hours group supervision
  • Approx. $112 per hour of learning

80 hour program

$16 000
20 monthly payments of $800
Includes basic features plus:
  • 24 months CPD subscription with access to all on-demand and live CPD
  • 60 hours individual supervision
  • 20 hours group supervision
  • Approx. $100 per hour of learning
Study with us

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Email us to arrange a time to talk to the PREP Admin Team.
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