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We draw on more than a century of experience across our senior team to develop comprehensive and balanced preparation for a career in clinical psychology.  With PREP you have the support of a supervisory team and a cohort of peers to join you on your journey.

Meet our trainers and supervisors

Dr Aaron Frost
With a career spanning over 20 years, and including private practice, public sector, research, academia, consultancy, and training, Aaron has been an influential and forward thinking leader in psychology.

 Aaron is a certified trainer with the International Centre for Clinical Excellent (ICCE), the program lead for the Supervisor Training and Approval Program (STAP) and the Director of Benchmark Psychology
Dr Rebecca Frost
As a Clinical Psychologist and certified couples therapist with the International Centre for Emotional Focussed therapy (ICEEFT), Rebecca is highly skilled at working with process in real time.

  Rebecca is the Director of Benchmark Psychology, an accredited supervisor and an expert in leadership and strategy, clinical governance, risk management and practice management, whose opinion is sought and valued at the highest levels.
Dr Vanessa Spiller
With a focus on feedback-informed, private practice psychology Vanessa has nearly 25 years of experience. Vanessa has worked in child and family counselling, adult mental health, disability and homelessness, private practice as well as teaching in the tertiary sector.
Vanessa has a passion for teaching and making information and concepts as accessible as possible for psychologists and clients alike..
Dr Alison Bocquee
Alison has been working as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years, and brings a real passion and wealth of experience to working with children and adolescents.

 Alison has worked in a range of government (community and hospital) and private settings, with multidisciplinary teams, and has a solid foundation for assessment and intervention for individuals across the lifespan, and complex presentations. 
Cherie Dalton
Cherie is a Clinical Psychologist with over 26 years of experience spanning university, rehabilitation, employee assistance, rural and community mental health, hospital and multidisciplinary team settings. She has over 21 years of private practice experience and a history of supervision throughout her career.

Cherie has provided clinical governance, strategic, business and ethical direction in a range of roles, and a number of well-established, successful private practices. 
Michelle Costa
With a diverse range of clinical interests, Michelle has worked across private practice, community mental health, university and research settings. Michelle is experienced in developing service processes, providing leadership and management, and in supervision.

She most recently worked in the UK developing policy, guidance, standards and frameworks, with many of these now forming a critical part of how mental health care is delivered within England’s National Health Service.
Jackie Yuen
Jackie has worked with children, adolescents and adults in private practices and multidisciplinary community health services in both the private and public sector and she is passionate about providing therapeutic support in engaging ways that are practical and responsive.
She has contributed to research related to e-mental health, community presentations about autism, anxiety and wellbeing in high school, and postgraduate training in conducting assessments with children. 
We also invite and collaborate with a wide range of experts in the field of mental health to ensure you get the most accurate training.

Some of our guest presenters

Prof Mark Boschen
Psychopharmaceutical interventions
Dr Mark Boschen is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University, a passionate educator and a practicing clinical psychologist who specialises in adult anxiety
and obsessive-compulsive

He has worked previously
in the public health sector,
as well as tertiary
Dr Natalie Burch
Organic causes and differentials
Dr Burch divides her time between clinical work and education and support work. She is actively involved in the supervision and training of the next generation of doctors.

She received an Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine Distinguished Service Award for her significant contribution to rural and remote medicine and general service to the community.
Dr Natasha Innes
Eating Disorders
Natasha is a Clinical Psychologist and has had extensive experience working with individuals with a range of eating disorder presentations and worked across inpatient, day program and outpatient services. 

Natasha has been involved in research over the past 10 years and has published in the eating disorder field and conducted peer reviews.
Emily Darnett
Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's
Emily Darnett is a proud Palawa descendant. She is a provisionally registered psychologist and a PhD candidate. Emily's research works to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing. Outside of her studies, Emily holds several positions where she continues to develop her research skills, build cultural responsiveness into the mental health workforce and embed Indigenous knowledges into the psychology higher education curriculum.
A thriving community that connects and supports each other's learning and development

Join our incredible cohort of students

"Like many my life is busy so to have a pre-organised structure for the two years and a team of available supervisors all who have different strengths has been and still remains invaluable to me. 

 I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the PREP program to anyone who wants 
to commence and complete a quality registrar program without feeling like they are investing a lot of time trying to source and organise supervision and CPD opportunities."
Ruth Crowther (2022 cohort)
"Being a part of the registrar program has provided me with opportunities to develop my skill set, ask questions, learn through reflection and practice as well as build meaningful relationships with other registrars completing the program.
It has been a fantastic experience and I would recommend this program to anyone looking to gain their clinical endorsement."

Jessica Lyons (2021 cohort)
"Having access to an external group of psychologists who are not only highly skilled in therapeutic intervention, but also supervision has been so valuable for my professional growth.
Knowing that they are experienced in meeting the requirements of the Clinical Psychology registrar program is peace of mind that I am going through the correct processes to complete my registrar program, as well as accessing structured PD that is presented by experts in the field."

Natalie Manley (2022 cohort)