Chart Auditing & Reading Your Own Data

 2 hours active CPD

This session has a strong practical focus and discussion will centre around how clinicians can use data on a daily basis to enhance treatment outcomes with individual clients but also how you can use your own aggregated data to drive professional development and deliberate practice. 

What's included?

  • 7 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 6 videos
  • 3 PDFs to download

Active, interactive CPD

Written by experienced trainers, we know that you don't learn well just watching pre-recorded webinars.  This module is truly interactive with a constantly changing combination of videos, readings and activities to keep you engaged and encourage deep learning.

A deeper understanding

This module encourages reflection on utilizing data for practical purposes in clinical practice. It emphasizes using data to improve treatment outcomes for individual clients and leveraging aggregated data for both professional development and deliberate practice.

Dr Vanessa Spiller

With a focus on feedback-informed, private practice psychology Vanessa has nearly 25 years of experience in Clinical Psychology. Her commitment to evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence has seen her evaluating her effectiveness with therapy clients for over a decade.

Vanessa has worked in a wide range of areas including child and family counselling, adult mental health, disability and homelessness, private practice as well as teaching in the tertiary sector. She was the owner of a successful private practice “JumpStart Psychology'' and still provides training and education about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum from that platform.

Vanessa has a passion for teaching and making information and concepts as accessible as possible for psychologists and clients alike. This is manifested in the recent publication of her book “Explained by Brain: The FASD workbook for parents, carers and educators who have tried everything or don’t know where to start”. 
"My passion is helping registrars convert complex theory into practical, engaging, client focused information accessible to everyone!"

Dr Vanessa Spiller

Clinical Psychologist, Team Leader and Trainer