Eating Disorders

 2 hours active CPD

Live CPD workshop: 4th December 2024 from 9am-10:30am AEST online via Zoom plus extra readings, activities and resources.

What's included?

  • PowerPoint slides
  • 1.5 hours Live CPD
  • 1/2 hour reflective practice
  • Extra resources

A deeper understanding

Working with clients who present with eating disorders interests many psychologists but scares others! It is a specialised clinical group with specific considerations and interventions which can pose challenges for those working in private practice. This training is presented by Natasha Innes who is very knowledgeable and skilled in working with eating disordered clients, and she shares some of her wealth of knowledge obtained through her years of experience working with this client group. 

Reflect and discuss

This is live CPD where you will engage deeply with the content through discussion and role play, and be encouraged to ask questions. You will be learning alongside your peers and sharing your knowledge and experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Guest Lecturer:  Dr Natasha Innes

Natasha is a clinical psychologist with specialised experience working with individuals with various types of eating disorders. She has worked across a range of settings including inpatient, day program and outpatient. Natasha has supported clients with a wide range of psychological and health problems and assisted them to go on to recover and live a meaningful life.