Relationship Therapy for the Individual Therapist

 2 hours active CPD

Live CPD workshop: 28th August 9:00 – 10:30am via Zoom plus extra readings, activities and resources.

What's included?

  • PowerPoint slides
  • 1.5 hours Live CPD
  • 1/2 hour reflective practice
  • Extra resources

A deeper understanding

By the end of this module you will understand when to refer to relationship therapy vs work with client individually and contraindications, you will gain an understanding of the relationship system with the goal to provide individual treatment without causing relational harm and you will understand how to effectively work alongside a relationship therapist without undermining the process and creating ethical issues

Reflect and discuss

This is live CPD where you will engage deeply with the content through discussion and role play, and be encouraged to ask questions. You will be learning alongside your peers and sharing your knowledge and experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

Dr Rebecca Frost

As a Clinical Psychologist and certified couples therapist with the International Centre for Emotional Focused therapy (ICEEFT), Rebecca brings a wealth of expertise in couples work, from infidelity, to sexual dysfunction.

Rebecca is highly skilled at working with process in real time to understand the unhelpful ways people try to get their needs met in relationships. Alongside her clinical expertise, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge in clinical governance, risk management, practice management and systems; having grown Benchmark from a small two psychologist team to being one of the largest and most well regarded in Queensland.

Rebecca is an accredited supervisor and an expert in leadership and strategy, whose opinion is sought and valued at the highest levels.
"I just love the passion and enthusiasm registrars bring to each and every client and it's exciting seeing them level up even more over time."

Dr Rebecca Frost

Clinical Psychologist and Director of Benchmark Psychology, STAP and PREP.