Risk Management

 2 hours active CPD

Suicide is an ongoing challenge for clinical psychologists, we work with a population who end their lives more frequently that the general population.

This CPD will give you information about how to assess and respond to risk, but also give you information about the state of research in suicidology and the limits of our knowledge as well as how to ensure that your record keeping will demonstrate the lengths you went to to prevent harm in the unfortunate event of a completed suicide.

    What's included?

    • 7 Chapters
    • 1 Certification
    • 25 Videos
    • 32 PDF's to download

    Active, interactive CPD

    Written by experienced trainers, we know that you don't learn well just watching pre-recorded webinars. This module is truly interactive with a constantly changing combination of videos, readings and activities to keep you engaged and encourage deep learning.

    A deeper understanding

    We need to accept the reality that we work with a population who is at increased risk and understand the responsibilities this places upon us. This module allows you to reflect on the limitations of the current science of detection and prevention and therefore the limitations of our own ability to foresee and prevent all risks.

    Dr Aaron Frost

    With a career spanning over 20 years, and including private practice, public sector, research, academia, consultancy, and training, Aaron has been an influential and forward thinking leader in psychology. 

    Aaron is a recognised leader within the field. He has been evaluating his own outcome data since 2008, and now consults widely for organisations looking to achieve better outcomes, most notably developing a training package for Headspace on the use of outcome methodology for all new staff.

    Aaron is a certified trainer with the International Centre for Clinical Excellent (ICCE), the program lead for the Supervisor Training and Approval Program (STAP) and the Director of Benchmark Psychology
    “I strive to help my registrars find the balance between creatively integrating diverse theory, while maintaining a critical and empirical foundation.”

    Dr Aaron Frost

    Clinical Psychologist and Director of Benchmark Psychology, STAP and PREP.