What Comes Next?

 2 hours active CPD


Doing this module means that you have very nearly finished your registrar program. You have almost completed another incredible milestone in what is already a long line of impressive career achievements. Soon you can call yourself an Endorsed Psychologist. This module is going to take you through the next steps involved in finalising your program, planning for CPD and supervision beyond your time as a registrar and how to keep improving and growing in your expertise and skills. 

What's included?

  • 10 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 14 videos
  • 4 PDFs to download

Active, interactive CPD

Written by experienced trainers, we know that you don't learn well just watching pre-recorded webinars.  This module is truly interactive with a constantly changing combination of videos, readings and activities to keep you engaged and encourage deep learning.

Who is this for?

For the registrar, newly endorsed psychologist or anyone wanting to know what happens beyond the the registrar program. This module prompts introspection about progressing towards program finalisation, strategising for continuing professional development (CPD) and supervision beyond registrar status, and methods for continuous enhancement and skill growth.

Dr Rebecca Frost

As a Clinical Psychologist and certified couples therapist with the International Centre for Emotional Focused therapy (ICEEFT), Rebecca brings a wealth of expertise in couples work, from infidelity, to sexual dysfunction.

Rebecca is highly skilled at working with process in real time to understand the unhelpful ways people try to get their needs met in relationships. Alongside her clinical expertise, Rebecca brings a wealth of knowledge in clinical governance, risk management, practice management and systems; having grown Benchmark from a small two psychologist team to being one of the largest and most well regarded in Queensland.

Rebecca is an accredited supervisor and an expert in leadership and strategy, whose opinion is sought and valued at the highest levels.
"I just love the passion and enthusiasm registrars bring to each and every client and it's exciting seeing them level up even more over time."

Dr Rebecca Frost

Clinical Psychologist and Director of Benchmark Psychology, STAP and PREP.