Choose your own path to endorsement

With CPD and supervision options, and an experienced teaching team, PREP comprehensively covers technique, theory, and practice in a supportive environment where feedback is central to honing skills.
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PREP:  Fully Guided

Covers all clinical registrar training requirements for the Psychology Board of Australia’s endorsement.  Committing to a complete program of CPD, group and individual supervision gives peace of mind for a smooth registrar program.

The most cost effective option to complete your registrar program for as little as $100 an hour.

PREP:  Your Way

The most flexible PREP option that lets you choose your own path.  With over 40 self-guided and live CPD topics to choose from you can choose what suits your own program and pay as you go for your areas of interest or subscribe and get access to everything.

Add group or individual supervision without the commitment of the fully guided package when it suits you.
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Compare PREP journeys

Fully Guided

All inclusive, complete package to meet all your registrar program needs.
  • All inclusive packages
  • CPD, individual and group supervision
  • Access to the whole supervision team
  • Support for your whole program
  • Join the online PREP community
  • Low cost per hour of learning

Your Way

Ultimate flexibility to choose CPD, group or individual supervision.
  • Choose your own way
  • Purchase elements separately
  • Complete with an independent supervisor
  • Do your program independently
  • Join the online PREP community
  • No commitment, pay-per-item or subscribe

Need help deciding?

Our vision is to create the highest quality, most supported pathway to endorsement.  This is not going to look the same for every registrar.

We have a passion for helping early career psychologists find their path to becoming competent, competent and effective clinicians.

Our team is available to provide mentoring and talk through your options.  We will help you to choose the right journey for you.  Get in touch!

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